Bonjour! Meet Janel Stephanie Co a 13 year old, an 8th grader/freshmen student from Angelicum College QC. She prefers being called Jane or Stephanie rather than Janel. She is a Chinita, but was born and raised under the hot sun of Manila, Philippines. She was born and raised under the hot sun of Manila, Philippines, currently living in a small town called Quezon City.

Jane also loves composing stories on Wattpad, which almost everyone believed that her writing sucks, but she had never given up on believing that her dreams will come true as long as she believes in herself. She also loves to sketch, paint, surf around the net, read books and most of all mixing match with fashion! Currently obsessed with Taylor Swift, Frozen, Snsd, Kpop, and Kristen Stewart. Jane prefers flats over heels. She's a little bit lonely sometimes, but being with her best friends Patricia, Karyl, Chesca, and Karla make her so much happier. She had loved fashion since she was just a little kid. She had always dreamed to be a model and a writer someday. 

She own’s an online shop called Ebook Heaven. She’s shy and crazy sometimes, but when you get to know her, she’s very friendly, charming, funny, and especially AWESOME. She also enjoys blogging for herself rather than blogging for others. Someday, she believes that with the help of hard-work and God, her dreams may come true and it may lead her to success.